Introducing the lunch-time hack

Do you ever think it would be cool to tinker with a new technology/framework but never get to the end of a project because it gets stale and boring? Me too. So I’ve invented a new part to my daily routine called the lunch-time hack.

The mission is simple: create something cool in 15 minutes. That’s it. When time’s up, that’s the project complete. It’s a prototype, it’ll never get finished, stale, updated or hated. By doing this, I’ll have a) a library of cool thingies which I’ve made; b) learn a ton of new stuff; c) get to play with new frameworks/technologies in a fun and intensive way; and d) get an intuitive rather than a theoretical grasp of a broad range of maths topics. But most of all, I’ll just have a lot of fun and just get to play.

The process is simple too:

  • Open up MacVim
  • decide on the fly which visual framework I’d like to play with
  • start the clock
  • play
  • stop the clock *

* time at the end if allowed to fix any bugs – but these are only allowed to be errors which stop it from running, no extra functionality allowed

The best thing about it is that it’ll mean I do something useful at lunch time instead of looking at pictures of kittens and unicorns.