Clinton Montague

Developer, learner of things, functional programming enthusiast, hacker, and all round inquisitor.

Diary of things

August 30, 2009

I’ll just tell you – you probably already know anyway. I’m a lazy blogger. I don’t seem to have time to write as many articles as I’d like for slightlymore. I know what the problem is – I don’t write enough because I have this strange inability to put small or waffley articles on it – I’d rather that it stayed as a blog devoted to development and internet related things. My new site will give me an outlet for mindless wifflings, allowing me to write more relevant content for slightlymore.

August 28, 2009

It was around 9 or 10 in the evening in the Jam Factory. After a very successful Ox Tuttle, Ben Walker (@ihatemornings), Colin Mercer (@colinmercer) and myself came up with one of those genius drunken ideas. is it.

Web development is a sack of shit

August 25, 2009

There are some developers out there who feel like they need to know the answers to everything before they can get started on even thinking about starting a project. For the most part, they’re right – but there are times in development when you just don’t know. Is it important to know that there will be exactly 7 links on a page? I argue that (from a development point of view), the only thing you need to care about is that it’s more than one and less than ‘lots’.